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25 Nights of Rotary Lights: 1999

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – We continue our tour through the history of Rotary Lights with a look back at 1999.

Food donations at the annual celebration continued to climb to more than 66,000 as more and more people visited the display. But, there was no increase in the amount of lights for the 5th annual show.

That’s partly because storage became an issue that year. In fact, the equipment and displays had to be moved three times that year before eventually settling in their current home on Market St.

The Rotary Lights organization shares the building it calls “The Lighthouse” with other organizations “in true Rotary fashion” as they say.

Dustin Luecke

Dustin Luecke anchors News 19 Daybreak weekday mornings.

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