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La Crescent Event Center needs donations

LA CRESCENT, Minn. (WXOW) – The La Crescent Event Center board is asking the community for $300,000 in donations to pay off the construction loan.

The board owes $1 million total on the loan, but an anonymous donor said he or she would match whatever they get in donations for up to $500,000. As of Monday, November 11, the board has raised $200,000.

“As a community, we are so fortunate to have this and it would not have happened without the hard work of the people on the board,” La Crescent Area Chamber of Commerce president Sarah Dohnalik said. “Now we just need to rally together, get it done and get that capital set aside so that we can continue to grow this and support this so it’s around for a long time.”

The deadline to raise $300,000 is December 31 and donations are accepted here.

Marcus Aarsvold

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