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Preparations for gun deer season in Wisconsin

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LA CROSSE, Wis (WXOW) – The state of Wisconsin is recognized nationwide for being one of the premier white-tailed deer hunting sites.

For some, gun deer season is like Christmas in November. Good news, it starts soon. The season runs from Saturday, November 23, to Sunday, December 1.

Hunting season is an exciting time for many but can be dangerous if you’re not careful. That’s why experts want to remind anyone heading out to keep safety a top priority.

The Clinical Educator at the Mayo Clinic Health System, Joy Erb-Moser, says they see all sorts of hunting-related incidents in the emergency room.

“Some of our biggest things we see are falls from tree stands. If you think about it that’s from the second story of your house,” said Erb-Moser. “If you fall that distance you can have a lot of internal injuries and you can certainly have bones fracture.”

It’s important to have the right gear, especially when it comes to tree stands.  It could be the difference between keeping a hunter off the ground and safely in the tree.

La Crosse’s Blain’s Farm & Fleet store manager, Jolene Schindler, says there are plenty of tree stand additions to improve safety. Things such as harnesses and hoists to pull your gun up to the stand.

“We carry harnesses to help people stay up attached to the tree,” said Schindler. “Sometimes they get excited when they see a deer coming and they might forget where they are stepping off of their stand.”

Another key safety element is visibility. You want to make sure you can see the other people in your party. It’s even more important if you cross paths with hunters from another group.

The state of Wisconsin requires that all hunters wear at least fifty percent blaze (hunter) orange from the waist up while on the hunt.

Experts say that one of the number one rules in hunters safety is to always know your target and beyond.

Here are a few more safety tips:

  • Hunt Sober: Mayo says it’s no different than drinking and driving, drinking and hunting can be just as deadly.
  • Treat your firearms as if they’re always loaded and ready to fire.
  • Stay hydrated: You lose a lot of water/sweat when dressing in layers.
  • Always let someone know when and where you’re hunting.



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