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Board member says road work a challenge in Trempealeau County

TREMPEALEAU, WIS. (WXOW) – A school bus slipped off the road on Tuesday morning. The accident prompts questions about County Road JJ and others for one Trempealeau County Board member.

Jon Schultz, who spoke as himself, not the board as a whole, says too many projects are to blame.

The highway department is trying to get caught up on work that needed to be done a while ago, he said.  The big challenge facing rural roads is funding.

Just last week, Trempealeau County approved $5 million in a debt package for road work.

It’s a problem across the state and with water, road crews need to create a ditch to keep water from making its way to the roads.

“Moisture throughout the season, rainfall slows down the paves of road work and how road working gets done. When that happens in 2012, 2017, 2018, 2019. All this rain impacting the ability to do the work, it’s impacting the structural stability of the roads,” said Schultz.


Declan Levy

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