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Caledonia football surprises area school

HOKAH, Min. (WXOW) – The Caledonia football team has won sixty-seven games straight, but they attribute their success to more than just their play on the field.

While in class last Friday, St. Peter’s School in Hokah set aside time for its students to watch Caledonia play in the Minnesota state football semi-finals. In turn, the Caledonia Warriors thanked the school for its support, with a surprise lunchroom visit.

Assistant Principal at St. Peter’s School Theresa VonArx knows how much some of these kids look up to the area football teams, Caledonia in specific. She got to see first hand how excited the kids were when the players walked in.

“I think to them it was almost as if the Minnesota Vikings were here,” said VonArx. “They just look up to them and it was really special.”

The Warriors know that they are their strongest with the community by their side. It’s one of the things Head Coach Carl Fruechte emphasizes to his players.

“You’ve gotta have community support, and if they’re not behind you, then you’re in trouble,” said Fruechte. “At the end of the day, I believe our community knows that we love their boys and care for their boys and we want them to be great men.”

The school visit also came with a message from Coach Fruechte.

“We’ve gotta get people back to dreaming and that they can’t sit on the couch, you’ve gotta work your plan,” said Fruechte.

This message happens to coincide with what St. Peter’s strives for every day.

“We have the philosophy here that if you put the time in and you work hard, you will also have the time to play, and when you do you should play hard and give it your all,” said VonArx.

These kids get to experience hard work and dedication first hand.

“I think that is why Caledonia is successful. They’re drawing these kids in not even purposefully. It’s just the way they are and how they operate,” said VonArx. “These kids are drawn into the culture and by the time they get to that age where they can play football, they’re ready.”

The Warriors play Minneapolis North in the State Championship on Friday, November 29 at 1:00 p.m. The game takes place at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Warren Sears

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