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Mac and cheese and a tower of giving

La Crosse, Wis. – (WXOW) – Students at State Road Elementary school are slowly building an impressive tower and once it’s completed, they’re even more excited to take it down and give it away.

The tower of macaroni and cheese is looking to help fill the school’s food pantry with a kid favorite food. It’s all part of November being “The Month of Giving”.

“It’s the typical time of year when we talk a lot about giving back,” said State Road Principal Jacquelyn Lyga. “We want to help other people so they have a chance to enjoy their food, the big message is always about taking care of each other.”

And so each day more and more boxes and different brands of mac and cheese are added to the tower. The current count is around 300 boxes, but the final goal is 500.

Lyga says if the students reach their goal, an added incentive is that a teacher or principal will take a pie in the face.

Roger Staffaroni

Assignment Editor

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