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Authorities, motorists encourage safe holiday travel after winter storm

Eau Claire (WQOW) –  As the weekend winter storm tapers off, authorities are still advising drivers to take extra caution with the snowy conditions and influx of traffic as people return home from the holidays and deer hunting.

Sgt. Jason Bakken reminded drivers that snow means slow, and said that in any kind of winter weather drivers need to decrease their speed and increase following distance between cars.

Bakken also suggested adding some extra time to your commute in case of any extra delays.

“Roadways can change from area to area as we have these winter fronts come in,” said Bakken. “So just because the roadways are good in one location doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily be as well down the road.”

One driver, Davia Christiansen, who spent Sunday driving from the Twin Cities to Chicago, took that advice to heart and suggested other drivers make a plan B in case the roads are worse than expected.

“Just taking my time. I have friends here willing to let me stay at different places if I can’t make it all the way home,” Christiansen said.

The state patrol pointed out they’re not advising people to stay off the roads completely, but rather to just take extra caution before hitting the highway.

Dani Smith

News Producer

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