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PFAS bill heading to the Governors desk

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LA CROSSE, WIS. (WXOW) - On Tuesday, a bill was passed and is heading to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers' desk that would impose new regulations on the use of a man-made chemical found in some firefighting foams. It's an effort to reduce groundwater pollution.

There's a lot that is still unknown about Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFAS).

We do know that it's in a lot of different products mostly associated with non-stick coating or waterproofing and most people are exposed to it in one way or another.

Studies show that there are health indicators that tell us there is something to be concerned about.

The legislation voted on Tuesday in Madison can ensure good water quality by restricting when and where firefighting foam with PFAS can be used. Knowing that the chemical doesn't break down very easily, the La Crosse Fire Department is actively combating PFAS.

"They've already changed the firefighting foam they used for testing and training so that does not contain PFAS," said Jen Rombalski, Health Director of the La Crosse County Health Department.

"I think it's just really important to know that our local officials are working really hard to protect the residents, not just from fires but from contaminants in their water supply as well," Rombalski added.

Since levels were reported in La Crosse back in 2016, the Health Department has taken two wells offline to take every precaution to protect La Crosse residents.


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