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Ice melt can cause irritation to your pet’s paws

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - Veternatrians want people to keep their pets active during the winter, but warn about the harmful effect certain types of salt-ice melts can do to your pet's paws.

Non-pet friendly salt can cause burning or inflammation on a pet's paws and their skin. When at animal licks their sores caused by ice-melt, it causes irritation and possible infection.

Stephanie Kurth, an Associate Veterinarian at Thompson Animal Medical Center, suggests pet owners avoid high salt areas when taking their pet for a walk, or put 'dog-booties' on their pet's paws to prevent ice and salt issues.

"We want pets to be outdoors there with their owners and getting their exercise because I know a lot of pets enjoy the snow," said Kurth.

Kurth also wants pet owners to look out if their pet eats snow outside that has salt on it because that salt can cause indigestion issues for the animal. Veterinarians ask pet owners to wipe their dog's paws off with a wet wipe when they come home to eliminate irritation.

Lindsey Ford

Lindsey Ford is a multi-media journalist.

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