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Health officials say flu takes priority over Coronavirus

MADISON (WKOW) - Despite the confirmed case of coronavirus in Dane County, health officials are urging people to remember we're still in the middle of flu season and that is by far the number one priority.

Kaitlyn Harms, Infection Preventionist at Unity Point Health Meriter, says there have been more than 9000 flu cases in Wisconsin so far this season.

She says the best course of action is to make sure you get your flu shot, cover your cough, and wash your hands often.

She says even hand sanitizer is enough to fight against flu and coronavirus.

"For Wisconsin residents, it's not necessary to wear a mask to protect yourself from novel coronavirus again that's a very low risk," Harms said. "If you are sick and exhibiting respiratory symptoms and you are in public, or you're going to be seen at a healthcare center, wear a mask when you enter those spaces."

She says that even though there's a case of coronavirus in Dane County, they don't plan on changing their care strategy.

They will still be asking travel screening questions to all patients who enter the hospital.

Other hospitals are also reporting that the official case doesn't change their strategy.

An SSM Health spokesperson said that they are still following the CDC recommendations about screening and isolation.

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Dani Smith

News Producer

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