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What is this? ‘Minnesota Badgers’ onesie found on store shelves

MINNEAPOLIS (WKOW) -- Ouch. If anyone would know the difference between a badger and a gopher, it should be a Minneapolis-based company.

However, Target was forced to back-track after Twitter user @k i l e i g h posted a photo of a "Minnesota Badgers" onesie.

The Twitter account told KSTP Target said it was a "comical error for both states" and all onesies were removed. She also told KSTP Target gave her the following response:

"Hello Kileigh - Thanks for getting back to us with this information. We've shared this with our Merchandise team to follow up with the manufacturer. We've also made sure the Minneapolis NE Store Leadership team is aware of this and that all items are removed from the sales floor. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention."

KSTP has reached out to Target for comment but has yet to hear back.

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