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Bus driver: Some kids under-dressed for winter weather

Eau Claire (WQOW) - With frigid temperatures well below zero, some kids are shivering away at the bus stop.

Shelly Theiste has been a school bus driver in Eau Claire for 43 years.

She said most of the children on her route dress appropriately for cold weather but sometimes when she pulls up they're missing essential winter clothing.

"You run into that child who lost some mittens or left them at home and their hands are cold," Theiste said. "The older students, they like to be in fashion so they say, 'why wear a coat or shoes?' Flip flops are a norm."

Theiste advises parents to double check what kids are wearing before they head out the door, making sure they have a hat, gloves, boots, thick coat and even snow pants.

She also said to keep them inside as long as possible before sending them to their bus stop.

Student Transit drivers also keep a lost and found pile at the bus depot for all the winter items kids accidentally leave behind on the bus.

Dani Smith

News Producer

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