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COVID-19 outbreak affects the truck drivers delivering supplies


ALBERT LEA, Minn. (KTTC) - The coronavirus is putting many jobs on hold and causing a lot of panic buying. All of this has made for more work for one occupation, truck drivers.

"We're gonna keep trucking because it doesn't change the fact that everybody needs fuel and food," said truck driver Angel Santos, traveling from New York.

The drivers truck on in any weather.

"The roads today are very slippery and icy and very dangerous," said Rudy Weisenberger, truck driver from Wisconsin.

Truck drivers are accustomed to long hours and icy roads, yet the coronavirus has caused another problem for them once they get out of the truck.

"The lifestyle of a truck driver has changed from all the conveniences that a truck stop has to not having anymore," said Weisenberger.

"They're going to be shutting down all food except for drive-thrus which I can't go through in a truck," explained Santos. "That's not good."

Santos has relied on police officers and Good Samaritans to help him get food. It can make it difficult to find a source of motivation while out on the road.

"I don't know. The money I guess," Santos laughs. "I deliver food so if I stop driving, people stop getting food. That helps I guess."

"When I'm done with the whole day, I read the Bible," Weisenberger said. "During the day, I listen to Christian radio. If that doesn't fire you up for the whole day, nothing will."

The truckers also have a message for people at home.

"Stay away from truck stops if you're sick. If we get sick, we stop delivering and you'll stop getting food, fuel, medicine, stuff like that," Santos advises. "Don't go to truck stops if you're sick. Stay at home."

"Be supportive to all, not only drivers because we're just one group," said Weisenberger. "Stay together. We'll get over this."

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