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Drive-thru animal adoption as Wisconsin college’s veterinary tech program halts

MADISON (WKOW) - With growing COVID-19 concerns, Madison Area Technical College (MATC) has shut down for the remainder of this school year. That included their Veterinary Tech program. The college has been in a race to find homes for all of their animals.

Each semester MATC has roughly 20 dogs and 24 cats in their program. They were forced to find permanent housing for all of them.

"We put out a public plea for help for adopters. The public had an amazing response," said Kelly Howard, the program's Animal Care Supervisor. "We were able to find homes for most of our animals. We're still working on the last couple."

The adoption process is quick. After filling out the proper paperwork electronically, those that are adopting a new pet just have to drive up and their new furry friend is brought out to them.

"We have them drive right up to this door, we come out, take payment, give them the materials take their carrier go back in the building and retrieve their animal," said Howard.

Beth Sosa of Madison went through the process on Tuesday.

"We've been thinking about bringing in another pet into our home and it seemed like a good way we could help out at this time," said Sosa.

MATC has been able to adopt out the majority of their animals but says the need to adopt is still out there.

"What I would encourage people to do is go to their local humane society, they are looking for adopters as well," said Howard.

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