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Educational & Fun: Create a thermometer

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If you are getting to the point where you need more educational but fun activities to do with your kids, we've got you covered. The next 5 Wednesday's a new weather-related project will be done on Daybreak and posted online.

This week: Let's make a thermometer!

Most of the items can be found at home and the items you will need are an index card, tape, playdoh/clay, clear straw, clear bottle, and food coloring (I used super glue instead of playdoh).


Step 1: Fill the water bottle with water up to about 80% then add a few drops of food dye.

Step 2: Place the stray in the bottle about halfway down. Use the playdoh/clay to hold the straw in place and seal the hole. ( How I accomplished this task was using sharp tools, so if you try this route an older guardian may need to do this. But what I did was make a hole in the cap and placed the straw in the cap and used superglue to seal the air inside and hold the straw.)

Step 3: Then once sealed water may start to fill the straw, I found that it takes a few hours for this experiment to work. The water needs time to become room temperature.

Step 4: Then tape the index card to the back of the straw.

Step 5: The easiest way to mark the temperatures will be to keep the bottle in a neutral stop in your home. Then let it sit for a few hours to steady out and mark it what your home thermostat is at. Then from there you can introduce the thermometer to different environments and watch the water rise and sink from that spot.

What is happening?

When the water molecules get warmer they expand. This will then lead for the water to rise through the straw. And this is vise versa for colder conditions as when it's colder the molecules contract and then the water will fall through the straw.

. If you have any questions you can email me at

Next Wednesday, we will have another science project for you.

Alyssa Triplett

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