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How to cope with boredom during COVID-19 pandemic

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WAUSAU (WAOW)- With many residents being forced to stay inside, it can have a negative impact on your mental health.

The phrase "bored out of your mind" is a statement we use too often.

However, did you know it can be a real thing?

With businesses in our area closing, options can be limited on how we can keep ourselves busy.

News 9 spoke with Christine Ellis, director of True North Counseling and Wellness in Wausau on how to cope with boredom during the self-isolation period.

"To help all of us get ahead of this new normal it is important for all of us to talk about what are some of the ways we are going to cope with boredom or cope with the stress of how we are going to deal with this new schedule," Ellis said.

Ellis suggests planning ahead before the feeling of boredom overwhelms you.

You can make a list of things to do when you might think there is nothing left to do in the house.

It can be as simple as going to your mailbox or taking a quick stroll.

And for couples who may not be used to spending 24/7 together, Ellis advises to set up your own space.

"Create some space in the home that is just yours to retreat to in your home and agree to positive communication strategies and empathy to understand where everyone is with all this stress," she said.

If you are someone who is already dealing with mental health issues it is important to not ignore them just because we are told to stay inside.

Many therapists are switching to online appointments.

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