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Pregnancy and COVID-19

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - Many of us have questions about our own personal risk when it comes to COVID-19, but women who are pregnant may feel added concern, for their unborn baby.

A doctor with Mayo Clinic in La Crosse says the good news is, to get pregnant in the first place, you generally have to be young and healthy.

"If you are pregnant you're probably healthier than many women or many people," said Dr. Dennis Costakos. "On the other hand, when pregnant women do get certain respiratory infections they do get a lot sicker. For example, influenza."

Dr. Costakos says there is not enough data to show if pregnant women will respond in a similar way if they get COVID-19, which is also a respiratory disease.

His advice for expecting mothers is to be strict about following hygiene and social distancing guidelines and have frequent, digital check-ins with your doctor or care team.

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