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An innovative way to handle your masks

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LA CROSSE, WIS. (WXOW) - As the pandemic evolves, so do the things that we need to do in order to contain and prevent the virus.

The CDC and local health departments are recommending the use of masks.

Understanding that people can carry the virus without symptoms, (Asymptomatic), health experts say that having everyone wear a mask can cut down the spread.

N-95 masks and cloth masks work differently. A medical grade mask with filtration protects the person wearing it from potential germs.

"The difference between the mask I'm wearing and this one right here is this is a medical-grade mask and it's designed with some filtration," said Brenda Schwan who works with Infection and Prevention Control for Mayo Clinic Health System.

A cloth mask is worn to protect other people. It stops your germs from escaping.

The cloth mask or the mask that you're wearing to the grocery store would be one specifically that would keep your droplets in place," Schwan added.

For healthcare workers and other essential workers, wearing a mask all day can be irritating on the ears.

That's where Danniela Neher comes in.

Neher came up with the idea to make headbands with buttons on them. Wrapping the masks on the buttons takes stress away from the ear.

Neher isn't doing it for money, but for the sole purpose of making it easier on essential workers.

Neher wants your help pushing them out. Her bands are already helping healthcare workers across several states and with donations and extra hands that can grow even more.

She says you can direct message her on Facebook.

The CDC also recommends washing your mask every time you come home from being out. Machine washing is acceptable, then hang it to dry.

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