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Evers’ attorney warns of safe-at-home patchwork

safer at home court

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Gov. Tony Evers' attorney is warning that Wisconsin would see a confusing patchwork of county stay-at-home orders if the state Supreme Court strikes down the existing statewide mandate.

Republican legislators asked the conservative-leaning high court earlier this month to strike down Evers' statewide order, saying the mandate is crushing the state's economy.

Multiple groups filed briefs with the court Wednesday arguing for and against the statewide order. Church groups and legal scholars contend Evers is well within his rights to impose the order. Conservative groups, including organizations representing hunters and fishing guides, insist the governor overstepped his authority.

Evers' attorney, Ryan Nilsestuen, told reporters during a conference call that if the court strikes down the statewide order counties would be on their own and would start issuing localized stay-at-home orders. He said the rules would change for anyone crossing a county line.

Dr. Jim Conway, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told reporters on the call that if the statewide order is erased the state would start seeing major outbreaks within a week.

Read some of the briefs both for and against Gov. Evers's stay-at-home order:

Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice

Hunter Nation

Legal Action of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments and Boards and Associated Municipalities and Counties

Associated Press

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