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Weather Wednesday – Ice Cream!

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We're making a sweet treat for your Weather Wednesday…

What you'll need is milk (4 oz.), cream (4 oz.), vanilla (1/4 tsp.) or other flavorings you want to add, sugar (4 tsp), food coloring, ice, salt (half cup), small (quart) and large (gallon) zip-lock freezer bags.

How to make a sweet treat for the warm days…

First, you will want to add you milk, cream, flavoring(s), colorings (optional), and sugar to the smaller zip-lock bag.


Second: put about a cup of ice into the large zip-lock bag and cover the ice with salt.

Third: put the small bag into the big bag add more ice and salt until full!

Fourth: shake the bag or 5-10 minutes! Find a friend!

Fifth: Then after at least 5 minutes your cream should be ice cream! Wash the smaller bag off so you don't get salt everywhere.

How doesn't this work…

Few different reactions are occurring in this experiment. When the cream is put into motion it then will want to thicken, but we have other ingredients so it won't happen quickly and we need a more frozen look.

So this is when we're watching a chemical reaction with the ice and salt. When the ice comes in contact with the ice it starts to lower the freezing point. So think then allows for the ice to cool enough to allow for our ice cream to thicken!

Alyssa Triplett

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