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Governor Evers concerned with border travel heading into Memorial Day Weekend

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House's Coronavirus Task Force said Friday that both the Minneapolis and Chicago metro areas have some of the highest rates of COVID-19 positive cases compared to people tested in the nation.

Only Baltimore and Washington D.C. rank higher. As Wisconsin borders both Minnesota and Illinois, and with the Dairyland state beginning to reopen, Memorial Day weekend could invite more travelers which could mean more spreading of COVID-19.

Governor Tony Evers believes that Wisconsinites should be spending time close to home near family and friends instead of traveling long distances or to state tourist attractions.

"There's more traveling with Memorial Day weekend and people coming into the state," said Governor Evers. "That does concern me because they are two of the hot spots surrounding us and so that's why I've been really encouraging people to think through this weekend."

Evers said Wisconsinites have been doing a pretty good job of social distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks, but the risk of more travelers coming into the state, especially from areas with more cases of COVID-19, could eliminate some of the progress Wisconsin has made with the virus.

Just under 500 Wisconsinites have died from the virus with the state reporting just under 15,000 cases. Both Illinois and Minnesota are reporting a higher number of cases.

The biggest advice Gov. Evers had for Wisconsinites was to stay close to home.

"It’s really important that people be aware of their environment," said Evers. "I think that’s important, and I think they can be more aware of their environment the closer they are to home."

Watch the full, exclusive interview on a variety of topics with Governor Tony Evers above.

Mike Beiermeister

WXOW Weekend Anchor and Reporter

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