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5.1 percent of COVID-19 tests positive; 9 more dead

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The percentage of positive cases of COVID-19 was down Friday from a day earlier, according to new numbers released by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The Department of Health Services reported 9,976 new test results, of which 511--or 5.1 percent--came back positive. As a percentage of total tests, this is a decrease from Thursday.

The disease has killed 496 Wisconsinites. That is up nine from yesterday. Over 250 of the dead were from Milwaukee County.

Measuring the percentage of new cases returned in tests each day helps differentiate if increases in cases are due to greater spread or more testing.

The number of people infected by the coronavirus since the outbreak began, according to the Department of Health Services, is 14,396.

Wisconsin has 53 labs capable of processing a total of 14,140 tests each day. Though the number of tests actually ordered each day is many thousands fewer.

Over 172,000 tests have come back negative.

Sixteen percent of those diagnosed with COVID-19 have been hospitalized, 2,259 people. That is an increase of 41 from the day before.

On Wednesday, health officials released an updated number of recovered cases. That figure stands at 8,362. The statistic seems to rely heavily on the assumption most people recover within a month, rather than actual verification through testing.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services updates the statistics each day on its website around 2 p.m.

State figures for the Western Region, which includes Buffalo, Trempealeau, Jackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Vernon, and Crawford counties, show four COVID-19 patients in area hospitals, one fewer than Thursday. None of the four are in intensive care.

In the region, there are 50 ventilators available according to the state. Six of the ventilators are in use in hospitals as of Tuesday afternoon.

La Crosse County has no new cases and remains with a total of 48. 38 of the cases are considered recovered. None of the cases are hospitalized according to the La Crosse County Health Department.

Two new cases were recorded in Grant County.

Another person tested positive in Trempealeau County. This is their fourteenth case. The Trempealeau County Health Department is tracing all contacts the person may have had recently. Five of the 14 cases are considered recovered.

No new cases were reported in Vernon County where they had four new cases Thursday. Six of their 17 cases have recovered, two are hospitalized, and nine are isolating at home.

Other counties update their figures later in the afternoon. This table will be updated when new information becomes available.

CountyPositivesNegativesDeathsRate (Positive cases per 100K people)Case Fatality Percentage (Percent of cases who died)
La Crosse48*4,050040.70
Figures from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services
*La Crosse Co. differs from the state with one additional case. The figure from La Crosse County is used here.
The Monroe Co. case occurred earlier this month. The person died due to underlying health conditions but tested positive for the virus. The state began counting this death on April 28.

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