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MINNEAPOLIS RIOTS: “Our state is in chaos” Governor Walz speaks

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn (KTTC) - Governor Tim Walz spoke to the state and the city of Minneapolis at 1:30 Saturday morning. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey joined him, this coming as rioters continued to ignore the city curfew of 8 p.m.

"This situation is extremely dangerous" Governor Tim Walz began. He thanked all the public workers as they continue to work to keep the city safe.

"This is not grieving, this is not making a statement... I am deepy concerned for the people. You need to go home."

"We do not have the numbers" Governor Walz says this is the largest civilian deployment in state history.

"The response time is as fast as we can get it" The governor says he takes responsibility for underestimating the crowds. He compared it to military attacks, citing that these rioters are stopping semis.

"What you see tonight will replicate tomorrow if something doesn't change." The governor went on to say there is a need to make a plan to stop the violence but still allow for peaceful protests.

The Minneapolis Mayor also spoke Saturday morning. "We as a city are so much more than this, there is no honor in burning buildings, there is no pride in looting businesses... these are institutions that people are counting on. If you care about your community, this has to stop. You are not getting back at the officer that killed George Floyd.

"Lets do right by our city, lets do right by our community." said Mayor Frey.

The commissioner of Public Safety, John Harrington, also came. "By 8 o clock last night we knew we would have to respond to multiple areas... Crowds of thousand and more."

"We recognize we did not have enough officers and personnel... we continue to hold our critical infrastructure."

"We have has officers shot at, we have had what looks like improvised missions to injure officers. We are attempting to do what we did last night and.. maintain order."

"We will need far more officers and far more national guard." The state has requested more National Guard assistance be deployed.

"We are getting ready for what will be the largest crowds that we have ever heard. We recognize that we will be the center of not just a state event, but national event."

Saturday morning at approximately 12:30 in cooperation with the Minnesota State Patrol, the governor issued the National Guard to assist.

More than 1,700 national guardsmen are expected to be in the Twin Cities on Saturday and Sunday.

Governor Walz points out these guardsmen are coming from across the state and can take time to get deployed.

"These is simply more of them than us." The governor answers a question on how the state has to prioritize all of the fires and there is not enough officers to be everywhere at once.

"There became a point this evening when officers were told to leave the area immediately." National Guard discusses helping the police department in the fifth precinct.

"We want nothing more than for them to go home. We don't want to have them arrested." Governor Walz points out the difference between those grieving the death of George Floyd and those purposely trying to cause chaos.

"To detain one person in a volatile environment takes several folks.. it is a heavy lift to do so. There is not law enforcement to arrest everyone." Said Walz.

"I would say we underestimated in part because we were told.. that the numbers would only be a little larger than the night before. Clearly the information we got was wrong." - State Public Safety

"Even if we say everything is locked down, if you leave your house you will be arrested, they will still be there." Said Governor Tim Walz.

"If this ends with a massive presense, that is not bringing back order. We are looking at doubling the force. We need to decide is that enough and the answer may be no."

"I need the public to take this back for the right reason. Why are we talking about anarchists burning buildings." Said Governor Walz.

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