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Health official dispels myths of wearing a mask

WQOW - You might be someone who wears a mask every time you go out, or maybe you refuse to wear one at all. Either way, an area health official wants to dispel some myths about wearing masks.

KT Gallagher, director of the Dunn County Health Department, said one of the most common misconceptions, is that masks are all the protection you need.

She said we should still have six feet of distance, and that masks are an extra layer of protection.

Another misconception is that you wearing a mask keeps you safe. Gallagher said wearing a cloth face covering prevents you from spreading respiratory droplets, which keeps other people safe from you.

But Gallagher said the biggest myth is that masks increase the amount of carbon dioxide you're breathing to an unhealthy level.

"As you wear a cloth face covering, there isn't a hard seal and so there are places that carbon dioxide can go. There's been no evidence that you can actually have an unhealthy level of carbon dioxide in a cloth face covering," said Gallagher.

Gallagher also wanted to point out that if something changes because the data changed, it's not because health officials are intentionally misinforming folks. They're trying to adapt to what they know, when they know it.

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