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Walmart, Sam’s Club now requiring face covering

(WXOW/WPTA) - Starting next week, you'll need to wear a mask if you decide to do your shopping inside a Walmart or Sam's Club.

That's according to a new corporate policy announced Wednesday.

Walmart joins other stores like Costco and Best Buy who have also implemented mask mandates.

The policy will begin on Monday, July 20 to give managers time to train staff, put up signage and let shoppers learn about the mask mandate.

"We know it may not be possible for everyone to wear a face covering. Our associates will be trained on those exceptions to help reduce friction for the shopper and make the process as easy as possible for everyone," Walmart said in a news release.

"As we have seen in states and municipalities with mask mandates, virtually everyone either brings a mask or readily complies with the requirement, and we anticipate that to happen in other areas as well."

In Wisconsin, there is no state mask mandate. However, health officials strongly recommend people wear a mask to help spread the slow of COVID-19.

The CDC says face coverings help slow the spread of COVID-19, and because some people may not know they have the virus, masks are an important part of controlling the virus.

The CDC said, "face coverings are meant to protect other people." Most major retailers and grocers initially hesitated to enact their own mask mandates for customers during the pandemic, partly over fears of antagonizing shoppers who refuse to wear them.

On Monday, Best Buy announced they would require customers to wear face coverings in their stores nationwide.

Starbucks made a similar announcement last week.

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