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Jelly Belly’s founder is hosting an online treasure hunt. The grand prize winner gets a candy factory

(WISN)- The founder of Jelly Belly is hosting a series of cash prize treasure hunts around the country before his retirement. Anyone that participates will then be eligible to search for the ultimate treasure, which is a key to one of his candy factories.

David Klein founded Jelly Belly in 1976 and wants to spread the fruits of his labor around before he retires for good. To do so, he'll be hiding a golden ticket (in the form of a necklace) in each state.

Those who wish to get involved just need to pay an entry fee of $49.99 to get access to their state's clue.

On, you can enter for your state and see what day the riddle will be released. The clue will help lead you to the gold ticket and if you happen to find one you have to submit its corresponding code and where you found it to Once it's verified, you'll be rewarded $5,000.

It's the grand prize that people will want to stick around for, as David Klein is pulling a full Willy Wonka and giving away one of his factories.

Anyone who participates — not just the winners — will have the chance to find the ultimate treasure. Whoever wins this portion will get the key to one of David Klein's candy factories and an all-expenses paid trip and education to a candy-making university.

There is a limit of 1,000 participants per hunt, so if you want to test your luck, it's better to sign up early.

Everyone who signs up gets a 40 piece CBD 10mg Jelly Bean pack for free, so you won't be leaving empty-handed. You can read all of the terms and conditions on the gold ticket website.

(This article was courtsey of our Milwaukee affiliate WISN)

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