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Winona State University exits quarantine

winona state university

WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) -- Winona State University is out of its campus-wide quarantine after a COVID-19 outbreak in the college town at the beginning of fall semester. The number of cases skyrocketed once students returned to town.

Jacob Eberhard, a senior at the school, said that the quarantine wasn't a big surprise to him when the announcement came. However, he said it was tough after having his only in-person class switch to online for the two weeks.

"Overall, I thought and maybe others thought this too, is maybe this is going to be easier because you don't actually have to be [in class]," said Eberhard. "It's less strain on your schedule. But what I'm finding personally, and when I've talked to a few other colleagues, is that it's actually more difficult because it puts more of the responsibility on you."

Freshman softball player Abble Hlas said the quarantine announcement came as a surprise to her but that having to lock down was a change. Since she lives in the dorm, not much changed. However, the only places she could go were to eat in the dining halls or to individual softball workouts at the fields. She had to get creative to pass the time.

"I did ab workouts right on the floor [of the bedroom] just to give myself little breaks," said Hlas. "I'd attend my classes and just set a schedule for myself each day."

Both students agree that they're happy to be out of quarantine and able to see more of their friends and professors in class each day. Hlas also said that the softball team is trying to do anything it can to get on the field in the spring. The team's first full practice is Monday.

Winona State has had to get creative with in-person classes. The university has multiple tents outside for makeshift classrooms.

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