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Miss Remarkable 2016 says pageant helped her leave her painful past behind

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Miss RemarkAble 2016
Miss RemarkAble 2016, Renee Cappetto said winning the title made her feel loved
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Renee Cappetto is living her best life after years of abuse
Miss RemarkAble Pageant

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) --- Renee Cappetto has come a long way after enduring years of abuse that caused her to manifest multiple personalities to deal with the torture.

"A lot of people tell me because of my history I shouldn't be this nice loving caring person that I am," said Renee.

Ten years ago, Renee found out that the abuse she endured started much earlier than she expected.

"My Aunt Greta told my caregiver that it started at two weeks old because she took me for a couple of years because she was there when I got thrown against the wall," said Renee.

Renee lived at the La Crosse Home for Children which is now the Children's and Family Center. She lived there longer than anyone else. When she left she bounced from home to home enduring physical and sexual torture.

Brian Schur is Renee's boss at the DOT truck stop on French Island. He has known Renee for seven years and says her transformation is hard to miss.

"I got her nearly three-quarters of the way through her recovery from the abuse. She still had different personalities I had to get used to and stuff. She went from when she was first hired from doing just a few things. She's actually become a trainer of other clients," said Schur.

Renee had good people in her life and winning the Miss RemarkAble title in 2016 was like icing on the cake of her recovery. It's also a day she'll never forget.

"To be honest I was nervous but I also felt beautiful. I felt like everybody's eyes were on me. I just really felt special that day. Honestly, I just felt like I was loved," said Renee.

Brian says he wishes other employers would take a chance on people with disabilities.

"We've had to pull her off weeds because it was time to go home.
It's more they want to do so much more because somebody has had the confidence to give them," said Brian.

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