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Health experts warn of “Post COVID-19 Syndrome”

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- For some COVID-19 survivors, the recovery process is much longer than two weeks.

Doctors are calling the prolonged illness "Post COVID-19 Syndrome." The coined term is given to patients who are experiencing intense fatigue, headaches and difficultly concentrating for weeks or months after their acute COVID-19 infection. A patient is diagnosed with the syndrome if they are dealing with side effects four weeks after their original infection.

Mayo Clinic has developed a program for these COVID-19 "long haulers" that is designed to help rehabilitate and get folks back to work.

Mayo Clinic Occupational Medicine Specialist Dr. Greg Vanichkachorn helps run Mayo's post COVID-19 rehabilitation program says it's too early to know how many patients are impacted by the long lasting symptoms. But, he is confident in saying that it could happen to anyone.

"What I am comfortable saying is that this condition is not rare by any stretch of the imagination," Dr. Vanichkachorn said. "I think providers should be ready to hear out patients that are experiencing these prolonged symptoms and patients should seek out care if they are experiencing symptoms after their acute COVID infection."

Mayo says it's treated about five dozen patients for the syndrome. Experts say "Post COVID-19 Syndrome" could last up to six months.

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