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Houston County asks residents to continue to fight against COVID-19

CALEDONIA, Minn. (WXOW) - Houston County health and government officials send a letter to residents asking them to do their part to stop the surge in cases of COVID-19 in the county.

The letter, which can be read below, begins by stating that in the first six months of the pandemic, the county had only 80 cases. In the last two weeks in November, they said the county had more than 200 cases.

As of November 18, the county has had a total of 519 confirmed cases of the virus and five probable cases according to figures from the Minnesota Department of Health. Two deaths are listed in the figures from MDH.

The letter also lays out the impact the rapid spread of the virus is having on senior citizens and long-term care facilities in the county. It also outlined the effect COVID-19 has on forcing schools to go to more restrictive learning models.

The effects of those two areas of society are what's leading to the plea for help from the county.

“In the days and weeks ahead, we expect to see the number of cases continue to climb even higher. Houston County is fortunate to have strong and knowledgeable teams of experts in the medical field, public health sector and emergency preparedness working together. We appreciate the caring and vigilant community members who help to keep our residents safe and healthy,” said Commissioner Johnson in the letter. “All of us, need to continue to work together on slowing the spread of COVID-19. Not only does our public health depend on it but our economy does too.”

Members of the Houston County Board, County Administrator, and Public Health and Human Services Director all signed the letter.

Statistics released by the Minnesota Department of Health on Wednesday showed eight new confirmed cases and two probable new cases.

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