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Milwaukee County recount results expected Friday despite 65 missing ballots

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MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Milwaukee County resumed its recount Friday and announced that it still has 65 ballots missing.

The county previously thought that it had found the missing votes, but WISN reported Friday that officials had actually found a group of test ballots.

The city of Milwaukee's Election Commission decided to continue the recount without the missing ballots but resolved to continue search efforts.

Milwaukee County officials are expected to announce the results of their recount, an effort they largely completed on Wednesday, by Friday afternoon.

Dane County's clerk said that he expected the recount effort he was administering to finish by Sunday.

Wisconsin is scheduled to certify its election results on Tuesday.

President Donald Trump's campaign asked for the recount in just Dane and Milwaukee counties last week.

The campaign wired $3 million to cover the costs, a step required under Wisconsin law before a recount can begin.

President-elect Joe Biden won the presidential vote in Wisconsin by about 20,600 votes.

Previous recounts in the state have only altered the final tallies by a few hundred votes.

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