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More emergency medical services workers get vaccinated

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ems getting vaccine

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - As the COVID-19 vaccine emergency use Plan 1B rolls out more emergency medical services workers can get vaccinated.

Depending on the state, some EMS workers were included in the emergency use plan 1A--including Wisconsin. Some of these frontline workers are receiving their second vaccine dose.

Clinical Services-Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance program manager Nick Eastman said the second phase of the vaccination plan includes paramedics at fire departments and rural EMS workers.

He said it's exciting because it means more of the population is getting vaccinated and the personal part of EMS work could gradually return.

"The vaccine allows us to look forward to a time where we don't have to take such extreme precautions," Eastman said. "We're probably at a point where we'll have more precautions than we did a year ago but it should level out to a pretty reasonable level."

Eastman said it's hard to comfort patients with all of the necessary personal protective equipment.

He also said the vaccination process is running smoothly and hopes it continues through Plan 1B.

The second part of the emergency plan includes all Wisconsin police and fire department frontline workers.

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