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UW-L professor hosts podcast series on nuclear science

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UWL podcast 2
My Nuclear Life host Shelly Lesher.

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW)- A University of Wisconsin-La Crosse professor is hosting a podcast series, centered around how nuclear science is found throughout the community.

 My Nuclear Life, featuring UW-L professor Shelly Lesher, explores the intersection of nuclear science and society. The 2020 American Physical Society Fellow covers a wide range of topics, discussing everything from the use of radium therapy to treat cancer to the U.S. environmental movement.

Lesher, who has taught a Navigating Global Nuclear Issues course at UW-L for the past five years, first began the podcast after noticing a void in society when it comes to nuclear science. "Students often ask why they aren't being taught about it," said Lesher.

The podcast, which has received positive reviews since its start in December, is available to anyone interested in history, science, or learning something new. "You don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to understand these episodes," stated Lesher.

Throughout the series, Lesher interviewed historians, policy makers, and more to hear their thoughts on various topics. Featured guests include Richard Nephew, lead U.S sanctions expert on the joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, and Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb.

"It really is a dream to ask people you admire to come on the show, talk to you about a topic you both love, and then share it with others," said Lesher. According to Lesher, COVID-19 has actually helped her jump start the series, as guests are willing to be interviewed virtually.

"Travel has been restricted and experts, who are usually traveling presenting talks all over the world, are now working from home and are available on Zoom to talk," Lesher stated.

Lesher notes UW-L undergraduate physics student Lexie Weghorn has been key in helping produce the series, as she researches topics, finds guest, and will soon take part in the conversations. As the podcast continues, Lesher hopes the program continues to foster student involvement.

All those interested in hearing the full first season of My Nuclear Life can listen at the podcast's website.

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