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Man ices over a tree in the name of art

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(CNN Newsource) - While the snow and ice storms sweeping across the nation are a nightmare for many, it's ideal weather for one Pennsylvania artist.

That's because his medium is ice sculpture and his art is now a tourist attraction.

"I'm one of the only ones who loves the 10 degrees," said T.J. Stellar.

On Stellar's property on Memorial Rd. in Schnecksville sits a magnificent ice tree that stands over 25 ft. tall.

"Everybody loves it. I have people drive by two, three times a day sometimes," said Stellar.

The tree, which is lit at night, has become a tourist stop. And the history of the glistening tree dates back to the 1960s.

"It all started with my great-grandfather and when he was going up in his township," said Stellar. "Water was part of your taxes and then they instituted a water tax and he said… "Alright, if you're going to charge me to use water… I'm going to use water."

His great-grandfather started piling sticks and spraying it down with water, creating a visual protest to the water tax.

The tradition continues as Stellar took over in 2010.

He says it starts by creating a teepee and filling it with a brush and sprays it down. It's a tradition he has no intention of ending.

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