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UW-La Crosse outlines plans for the fall 2021 semester


LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - Colleges are moving to more in-person classes, but what will the fall 2021 semester look like on the UW-L campus?

On Thursday, UW-L Chancellor Joe Gow released a message to all students and faculty outlining the university's preparations and plans for what he termed "a much more traditional fall semester."

His biggest goal is holding the majority of undergraduate courses in-person.

His message outlined eight key points that the university is hoping to implement.

According to his message, Gow hopes to achieve the following:

  •    A vast majority of undergraduate courses (up to 95%) held in-person 
  •    A restored sense of belonging and community in residence halls  
  •    A more robust complement of campus dining options 
  •    An active in-person recreational and intramural sports schedule 
  •    A large number of choices for in-person student organizations, events, and activities 
  •    A chance to study and hang-out with friends-not just virtually 
  •    A overall renewal of the connections and traditions that make UW-L special 

While these are hopes for the future, Gow remarked that these plans are achievable only through the efforts of its faculty and students.

While Gow is happy with the current efforts the UW-L community has taken, he encourages all to practice safe COVID-19 protocols including the wearing of masks, social distancing, and not gathering in large groups or going to bars.

Students and faculty are also encouraged to get vaccinated when possible and follow campus testing procedures.

To read Gow's full letter, go to the UW-L website.

Chip O'Brien

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