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CDC provides more information on masks


LA CROSSE, Wis.(WXOW)- As more people are being vaccinated against COVID-19, wearing a mask properly is still important to ensure the safety of all.

The CDC has provided additional information about masks and broke the information down into three simple categories: improving how your mask protects you, the type of masks, and a guide to masks.

In order to improve how your masks protects you, the CDC recommends to choose your mask based on a series of criteria. That criteria include: how well it fits, how well it filters the air, and how many layers it has, and how snugly it fits on your face. Masks with more layers will tend to stop respiratory droplets from others to enter your body as well as keeping your respiratory droplets in the mask. Additionally your mask should fit snugly as to not let excess air flow to freely from the sides or top of the mask. More information on improving the fit of your mask can be found on the CDC's mask improvement page.

The CDC also outline the different types of masks available to individuals. The CC recommends that you chose a type of mask with Multiple layers of tightly woven and breathable fabric, masks with a nose wire and a mask that blocks light when held up to bright light source. They also stated masks with valves or vents should not be worn as well as masks with a single layer of fabric. The best type of mask according to the CDC is the KN95 masks. More information on the types of masks can be found here.

Additionally, the CDC outlines different guidelines and recommendations for mask wearing based on age and the type of mask that you choose. They outline everything from how to wear a mask in the cold weather to the best way to protect yourself while wearing a neck gaiter. All that information can be found here.

Chip O'Brien

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