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Man begins beer diet for Lent

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(CNN) -- William Shakespeare said that "a quart of ale is a meal for a king."

A brewery owner in Cincinnati, Ohio is catching that spirit for Lent.

Del Hall will be drinking a lot of beer over the next six weeks, because he will be on a liquid diet of beer, coffee, tea and water.

"I'll be having three to five beers per day. It's not like I'm drinking constantly. If you are, you know, eating your standard diet, it gets boring. You don't eat the same thing every day. So I'm definitely not gonna drink the same thing every day," said Hall.

This is the third Lenten season Hall has been on a beer diet for Lent.

He says each year he loses 40-50 pounds, getting all of his calories from beer.

Not only does he lose weight each year, he also lowers his cholesterol and blood pressure.

"How does your body adjust to it? Are you drunk all the time?"

"No, the human body is an amazing thing. We are used to going through as hunter-gatherers, feast and famine, right? The problem is, we never go through the famine any more," explained Hall.

Hall is co-owner of 16 Lots Brewery in Mason, OH. He knows firsthand how the pandemic has affected bars, restaurants and breweries.

This Lent, he's going to raise money for those local businesses through Sergeant Del's virtual tip jar.

"This industry was damaged and what Del is doing just for bar and restaurant workers, it's awesome," said Joe Frank, co-owner of Fowling Cincinnati.

Frank is co-owner of Fowling Warehouse, a unique bar and warehouse in Oakley.

He says he went from 32 employees before the pandemic to 12.

"The employees were hit the hardest. The business itself, from the ownership standpoint, there are loans and things you can get, but the employees have only a small window, help from the government."

When Lent is over, Hall will take all of the money he has raised, and share it evenly with the bars and restaurants that ask to be part of the fundraiser.

And don't worry, he says safety is important and he always has a designated driver.

"One beer today will affect me very differently than it will in a week. And I kind of have to stay cognizant of that. Last year I became Uber platinum through this ordeal, I used Uber so much."

The Lent season began on Wednesday - and it will last until holy Saturday on April third.

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