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Community near PFAS contamination site needs more bottled water

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FRENCH ISLAND, Wis. (WXOW) - Neighbors to the PFAS spill site want more testing and more bottled water because they are worried recent snowmelt will contaminate their wells with dangerous chemicals.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources discovered per-and poly-fluoralkyl substances in well water near a plane crash site in the Town of Campbell.

Suzie Black has lived in the Town of Campbell since 1973 and decided not to drink her tap water even though her house wasn't included in the "high risk" zone or tested by the City of La Crosse.

Black said she is going to pay $425 to test the well on her own dime.

"What happens with a deep spring snowfall? Does that not affect the alkyl level? Sure it will," She said. "What about a four inch rain? Could I have a well test today that says you're okay, Sue you're under the 20… But boy take it in a week if we had three feet of snow there… Boom it's gone."

Black is choosing to use bottled water for drinking and washing food, but said some of her neighbors can't do the same.

"I'm worried about the other residents that can't get there because I drive to Woodman's and get 30 gallons," She said. "Can an older person even pour a gallon?"

Black hopes the City of La Crosse and Town of Campbell work together to expand testing and provide bottled water until the study is complete.

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat released this statement on Tuesday:

“To date, there is no evidence that contamination at the airport has resulted or could result in PFAS contamination either north or west of the airport. But even so, to the extent PFAS has been found in those areas, the City of La Crosse will assist the WDNR and the town board in any way possible to uncover the sources of that contamination and protect the health and safety of our communities. The city believes it is important for the city and the Town of Campbell to work together to investigate the scope and the sources of this contamination, work towards safe solutions for all residents and hold those who have caused the contamination accountable for their actions.”

The Town of Campbel website also contains information and resources to help those who might have contaminated well water.

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