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La Crosse Mayor responds to Campbell PFAS issue

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat released a statement Tuesday regarding the situation with PFAS contamination in the Town of Campbell.

It comes after the town sent a second request to the city on Monday for testing of all private wells for possible PFAS contamination.

La Crosse is providing free testing and bottled water to residents of part of Campbell identified by a study based on groundwater flow from the airport due to chemicals present in federally mandated firefighting foam.

Here is the Mayor's statement.

“The City of La Crosse takes any potential water contamination very seriously. We are making this our highest priority and doing all we can to protect the health and safety of residents, including providing bottled water to residents affected by contamination at the La Crosse Regional Airport.

“We have retained experienced legal counsel with expertise in water contamination litigation to hold those chemical companies responsible for the contaminated water supply related to the La Crosse Regional Airport, and to bear the cost of remediation and providing clean and safe water to residents.

“Meanwhile, there may be additional contamination sources unrelated to the airport. Recent reports detail PFAS contamination outside of the airport contamination plume, including in the Town of Campbell.

“PFAS contamination can result from numerous sources, including landfills or industrial waste, and are found in numerous household and commercial products such as Teflon pots and pans, Gortex, and stain-resistant carpet.

“To date, there is no evidence that contamination at the airport has resulted or could result in PFAS contamination either north or west of the airport. But even so, to the extent PFAS has been found in those areas, the City of La Crosse will assist the WDNR and the town board in any way possible to uncover the sources of that contamination and protect the health and safety of our communities. The city believes it is important for the city and the Town of Campbell to work together to investigate the scope and the sources of this contamination, work towards safe solutions for all residents and hold those who have caused the contamination accountable for their actions.”

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