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DNR Spring Hearings set for April


(WQOW) - Wisconsinites will be asked if hunters should be allowed to shoot white deer in the DNR'S annual Spring Hearings coming up in April.

That is one of the dozens of questions related to hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

White deer, which have dark eyes, hooves, and noses, and parts of their heads, are different from albino deer, which have pink eyes and noses. Experts say there is no biological reason to protect white deer.

Residents will also be asked if landowners should be prevented from using fences to funnel deer onto their land.

Other questions: If a firearm safety course should be developed and offered to schools; if adult hunter safety, and ATV-UTV safety training should include a hands-on requirement.

Fishing questions include whether to change the walleye size limits on some rivers and flowages in Rusk and Sawyer counties.

For a link to all of the questions see here:

To vote, the Spring Hearings will be held online due to the pandemic. They will run for three days, starting the night of April 12.

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