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Cup Foods employee regrets taking Floyd’s $20, says incident “could have been avoided”

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (KTTC) -- Day three of witness testimony in the Derek Chauvin murder trial continued Wednesday. The court saw footage from inside Cup Foods, and heard from the man who said Floyd used a fake $20.

Martin lived on top of Cup Foods and worked as a cashier on May 25, 2020, the day Floyd died.

"I had asked him if he played baseball he went on to respond to that. But it took him a little long to get what he was trying to say. So it would appear that he was high," Martin said.

Floyd inside Cup Foods

Martin sold Floyd cigarettes the day of the incident.

"When I saw the bill I noticed that it has a blue pigment to it, kinda how a 100 dollar bill would have. And I found that odd, so I assumed that it was fake," he said.

He said the store had a strict policy for accepting fake money.

"The policy was that if you took a counterfeit bill you would have to pay for it out of your money or your paycheck," Martin said.

His manager told the employees to get Floyd.

"He told us to go out to the vehicle and ask him to come inside to discuss what had just happened," Martin said.

Martin approached the vehicle with coworkers and told Floyd the bill was fake and that he needed to go inside. Floyd refused. Martin went inside and told his manager, who then instructed him to go back to the car and tell Floyd to come inside.

Martin told the manager that he would pay for the fake bill but the manager insisted he go back out to talk to Floyd. Floyd refused for a second time. Then the Cup foods manager told another employee to call the police.

"If I would have not tooken [taken] the bill this could have all been avoided," he said.

Witness #10 Christopher Belfrey, 45

Belfrey parked behind Floyd's car and was "startled," when he saw an officer pull out his gun and point it at Floyd. Floyd was in the driver's seat of his own car at the time.

Belfrey then recorded the incident from his perspective behind Floyd's car.
He then moved his vehicle away from the ongoing incident and parked across the street. Belfrey then recorded the officers handcuffing Floyd. At this point, Floyd was across the street from Cup Foods.

Belfrey then stopped recording and left the scene thinking Floyd was detained by officers.

Witness #11 Charles McMillian, 61

McMillian started observing the incident when he saw police at Floyd's car.

"The officers were trying to get him in the car and everything. Talking to him. And I would tell him, Mr. Floyd, just comply with them get on in the car because you can't win," he said.

McMillian also became emotional in court while watching video of the incident.

In one clip Chauvin is heard justifying why Floyd was pinned down.

“We gotta control this guy because he is a sizeable guy. Looks like he’s probably on something," Chauvin said.

Witness #12 Lt. James Jeffrey Rugel

Rugel told the court he's worked at the Minneapolis Police Department for a little less than 32 years. He currently manages the technology unit for the software MPD uses. His area includes body cameras and city surveillance cameras.

The court asked Rugel about the department's use of body cameras. The court also played body camera video from all four officers for Rugel for his perspective about the technical aspects of the recordings.

Rugel will resume his testimony on Thursday at 9:30 a.m.

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