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Life-lessons and leadership combine in “Balancing Act”

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - Well-known to many in the area as the lead singer of a popular rock group, Andy Temte can now add author to his resume. His new book on business leadership “Balancing Act” hits shelves next week.

On the pages, Temte combines his background as president and global head of learning at Kaplan Professional with personal and often vulnerable experiences. His hope is that readers find a way to translate their personal skill in a professional setting.

Temte recently spoke with News 19 about that process.

Dustin Luecke: Essentially this is, as you call it, a guide for a new generation of leaders in the business world, and the book itself is a balance between these practical lessons and very personal history. So, how did you strike that balance?

Andy Temte: I wanted to write a book that is unique in the tomes of all the business books that are out there. The uniqueness of this is the vulnerability and openness with which I write. It's very unusual for leaders to get that transparent. I just wanted to take all of the lessons I've learned over the years and package them up in a form I can pass those lessons off to the next generation.

DL: You mentioned that personal nature. A lot of people might have seen you on stage but don't necessarily know that personal history. Did you find it difficult make yourself so vulnerable, especially in those opening pages?

AT: No, I felt it was a story that really needed to be told, again because I want people to learn from both the triumph and successes that I've had but also the deep failures. This concept of learning from failure is something that I've had to work on over the years.

DL: One of the other big issues you look to tackle is this idea of fighting entropy—things falling apart. Why do you think that's especially pertinent in this current climate?

AT: This concept of entropy, which is part of the Laws of Thermodynamics, that everything falls apart—we as humans are constantly falling apart. Then, the concepts of continuous improvement and lifelong learning need to be adopted, so we're constantly putting ourselves back together. Think of this virtual cycle where the laws of nature say that we're going to continually fall apart, but if we adopt these continuous improvement and lifelong learning mindsets, then we're continually putting ourselves back together to find that next and create that next best version of ourselves.

“Balancing Act” is available for pre-order wherever books are sold. It goes on sale at major bookstores on Tuesday, April 6.

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