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Local professor reacts to Johnson & Johnson pause

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La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) - Peter Wilker, an Associate Professor of Microbiology at UW-La Crosse, said that the pause has been, "Disappointing to say the least. Anything that disrupts our ability to vaccinate the public is really going to limit our ability to gain rapid control over this pandemic."

Wilker believes there are at least three possible routes the CDC can go moving forward. The first route would be to discontinue the Johnson & Johnson vaccine; he suggests this is an unlikely approach. The second would be to continue use of the vaccine as planned, because the benefits out weigh the risk. Finally, the "middle of the road" path would be to identify the individuals at risk of developing blood clots and take preventative measures, allowing the vaccine to return to the public.

In response to misinformation about vaccines on social media, Wilker recommends being critical of the source. "When you're reading information about any subject, you really have to critically evaluate that source." Mr. Wilker continued by adding, "People can say whatever they want on social media. That doesn't change the reality, that doesn't change the science."

Sam Dunnum

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