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UW Madison expert debunks COVID-19 vaccination myths

Madison (WQOW) – As COVID-19 vaccinations spread, so does misinformation about the long-term effects of the vaccine.

Debunking that information is a challenge, but an expert UW Madison associate professor of Public Health Services Ajay Sethi is on a mission to shut down misinformation surrounding the vaccine.

Sethi said the most common type of myth involving vaccinations is that side effects will become long term. While it is unlikely, he said chills and fever are completely normal, and that they only last a day or two after getting the shot.

If you’ve heard that the vaccine can cause prolonged effects while pregnant, they don’t. According to Sethi, vaccinations have proven to be exceptionally safe and effective for both the mother and baby.

“The research is also showing that if a pregnant woman is vaccinated, she gets antibody levels from the vaccine,” Sethi said. “Those antibodies can be passed on to the fetus and can also be present in breast milk. So, a baby’s actually going to be a little protected from COVID-19 because mom got vaccinated.”

Sethi went on to say that the vaccine will boost your immune system and has been proven to last. So far, those who received their vaccination six months ago are still showing signs of immunity.

As for the rush on vaccines, Sethi said the science behind it was not sacrificed, but the red tape was cut to hasten approvals.

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