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How to respond and prepare for an active shooter situation


(WQOW) - After mass shootings have taken lives over the past few weeks, law enforcement has some advice for how to stay prepared if you find yourself in an active shooter situation.

Whether it's at the grocery store or at your place of work, Sergeant Dustin Walters with the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office said it's important to not just be a sitting duck, whether it's running, hiding, barricading doors, or if it comes down to it -fighting.

Walters said it's also vital for organizations to have a plan: have escape routes, label exits, and establish a meeting place and a reunification process.

He added that something not commonly talked about is mentally preparing yourself.

"The body will never go where the mind has never been. What they mean by that is that everybody should mentally prepare that this could happen to them whether you're at the grocery store, or church or school," Walters said." If something were to happen in the hallway or wherever, what should I do next? And if you don't think about these steps in your mind and mentally prepare for it, once the time comes, you may not be able to react to it."

The Eau Claire sheriff's office has traveled to schools and businesses to discuss what to do in an active shooter scenario.

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