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Find car crash data with Community Maps

Community Maps data compiled by the WI Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory

(WQOW/WXOW) - If you've ever wondered how many car crashes happen in your neighborhood or a certain intersection, you can find that thanks to an online tool.

Community Maps, a free service from the WI Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory, compiles that data. The tool filters data by a number of categories, including alcohol, speed or even deer crashes.

It also provides a look by county and date ranging as far back as 2010.

"We get a lot of calls from citizens about traffic conditions in their neighborhood," said Sgt. John Staber with the Eau Claire Co. Sheriff's Office. "They're concerned that there are a lot of crashes at a specific intersection or that people are speeding by their house. They want us to do something about that. So it's very easy for them to go on Community Maps and actually look and see how many crashes have occurred."

The data on community maps come from various law enforcement agencies' crash reports.

The authority for keeping crash records used to fall under the Dept. of Transportation. Responsibility shifted several years ago to the safety lab, which is part of UW-Madison.

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