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Convicted ex-officer Derek Chauvin’s attorney files for new trial


MINNEAPOLIS (WQOW) - Just two weeks after being found guilty of murdering George Floyd, Derek Chauvin's attorney is requesting a new trial for the ex-cop.

Attorney Eric Nelson, who argued for Chauvin in court, says the court was wrong in not allowing a change of venue, not allowing a motion for a new trial and not sequestering the jury for the duration of the trial. Nelson also points to what he calls "pretrial prosecutorial misconduct" for depriving Chauvin of a fair trial by improper vouching and failing to prepare its witnesses.

Nelson goes on to argue the court abused its discretion by ordering the state to lead witnesses on direction examination and failing to keep record of sidebars during the trial.

Minnesota Attorney General Deputy Chief of Staff John Stiles said, "the court has already rejected many of these arguments and the State will vigorously oppose them."

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