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Lanesboro Art in the Park Festival celebrates all forms of art


LANESBORO, Minn. (KTTC) -- Lanesboro Arts hosted the 40th annual Art in the Park Festival, celebrating all the painting, woodworking and jewelry that southeastern Minnesota has to offer.

The event featured over 90 art booths from both emerging and established artists.

Kara Maloney, co-executive director of Lanesboro Arts, said the event serves as a way to display the best qualities of the small town.

"This is just a great community event that gets people out in a safe way outside. But also celebrates what we do best in Lanesboro, which is a lot of arts and culture," she said.

Event volunteer Mike Augustin agrees that the event has the power to touch the artistic minds of many.

"People who have rolled by the booth have commented on all the artistry and the creativity that they're seeing and they're really inspired by that so it's fantastic," he said.

After a time of such uncertainty, the Lanesboro Arts in the Park Festival is what many artists agreed is exactly what the town needed.

Jackie Fieck, representing her painting business "Uplifting Depictions," drove four hours from Wisconsin to show off her favorite paintings at the festival.

"We are having so many people walk by. Everyone is so kind and friendly and interesting and enjoying the paintings and taking business cards," Fieck said. "It's just great to conversations even if people aren't buying anything. It's just really nice."

Jonathon Mauser of "Wood Duck Designs" makes about 50 boards of woodwork every week from his garage.

"You can give two woodworkers a piece of wood and no two woodworkers will make the same thing out of it," he said. "Somebody will carve it. Somebody will make panels out of it. Some people will cut it all out really intricately. So I really love the fact that it's a blank slate and that it's durable."

The Lanesboro Art in the Park Festival is the longest-running fine art fair in Southern Minnesota -- and it doesn't appear to be going away any time soon.


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