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U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Katherine Tai visits Stoddard farm for round-table with local farmers

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STODDARD, Wis. (WXOW) - U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Katherine Tai visited Hamburg Hills Farm in Stoddard for a round-table with local farmers expressing their needs and concerns.

The visit to Hamburg Hills Farm, owned and operated by Tim and Lisa Servais, started with a tour. After that, a private round-table session gave farmers the opportunity to discuss their needs and how trade can help them. Representative Ron Kind and State Senator Brad Pfaff joined the ambassador as well.

"We wanted to have her come to Western Wisconsin to get direct feedback from our producers and the challenges that they face and how important it is for us to get our trade agenda back on the rails so that we have some of the most productive farmers in the world feeding the rest of the world," said Kind.

He explained that the feedback Ambassador Tai received she will be able to take back with her and use.

"In the course of her job which is to go out and negotiate good trade agreements for our farmers, our manufacturers, and the workers back here in Wisconsin," said Kind.

It is important for the survival of family farms here in Wisconsin explained Kind.

"To be able to export into markets that need the product they are producing, which will enable them to get a better price for the hard work that they put in and making it easier for them to survive and be the vital economic component that they are in our community," said Kind.

Ambassador Tai said she is so excited to be able to discuss with the farmers and be out in farm country.

"Nothing substitutes for coming out to a dairy farm, meeting the farmers, seeing the human face of our economy, of the farming economy, listening to their dreams, their challenges and having that inform the work we do in Washington D.C. when we are at the negotiating table," said Ambassador Tai.

She said she can't do her job without taking trips like this to learn from farmers.

"This trip is allowing me to take on the pride that Congressman Kind has had for his district, for the farmers here, for a very long time. It is now personal to me," said Ambassador Tai.

The Servais family said it is an honor to host the Ambassador and show off their hard work on the farm.

Derrick Van Orden responded to the visit with the following statement:

"As he has done throughout his decades long career in Washington, career politician Ron Kind says one thing in district and does another in DC.

Kind says he supports farmers, but held up the USMCA for months leading to the closure of more than 800 farms.
Some of those were Century Farms meaning Ron Kind is responsible for destroying hundreds of years of Wisconsin Family Farm Pride. This is unacceptable.

Kind also voted to give China favored trade status which in return killed millions of American jobs.
During a roundtable I led, farmers shared with me the disastrous impacts that Biden administration policies are having on their business, policies that Kind fully supports. It’s past time for the people of the 3rd District to have a representative who actually works for our farming families, not just make empty promises for votes."

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