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Investigators learn more about where victims were before deaths

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TOWN OF HAMILTON, Wis. (WXOW) - The La Crosse County Sheriff's Office said they've narrowed the time when three men were killed last week at a quarry near West Salem.

Investigators on Monday continued to track the whereabouts of the three men and how they were connected to each other.

New information released on Monday said that the sheriff's office now believes the three-Nemo Yang, Peng Lor, and Trevor Maloney-were killed sometime between 2 a.m and 4:57 a.m. Friday morning when their bodies were discovered by workers at the Milestone Quarry on County M in the Town of Hamilton.

The sheriff's office said on Monday the men were seen on surveillance cameras at various businesses in the La Crosse area on Thursday.

A statement to WXOW also said that they believed they were staying at an Onalaska hotel in the days leading up to their deaths.

Sheriff's investigators are working with other offices around the state to determine the relationships between the victims and then identify any possible suspects.

No information was released on how the men died.


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